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TimesUp Description & Pitch

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With the advent of new technologies, kids are basically born with a tablet in their hands. In truth, parents inherently dislike knowing that their kids spend more time on tablets than with them. The need to raise children the right way has never been greater, and in a world that continuously distracts kids and parents alike, it is prime time for a time management tool. This is where TimesUp comes in play.

TimesUp is an application that limits toddlers’ time spent using technology in a friendly and efficient manner. The functionality is very simple. Before you give your child your tablet, you open up the TimesUp app and select the duration of time you want the child to view the tablet for. While warning your child about the time limit, the timer does not interfere with any of the operations. On the Parents side of things, they will be directly updated via notifications on their phone of the status of their childs’ tablet time. They will have the option to select which activity to redirect the child to, send a message on the screen, and also the option to lock the Ipad remotely.

The project I am presenting is a design prototype of the interface of the TimesUp app on the parent's phone. It is semi-functional, some of the buttons lead to different parts of the application. If opened with the given link, users are able to navigate through the screens. The sign in screen takes the user to the main page where the he can monitor the activity of registered devices. The registered devices are associated to a child (there is a screen for this as well).

Important buttons are functional however secondary buttons (such as promos or notifications on the profile menu) do not work yet. Once the application is complete these will lead to the common respective screens. The promotion screen will have deals for toys or books that parents can order and redirect their child to.

The intended audience are both angel investors and consumers. The investors would provide my startup idea with a seed investment in order to begin development – this is concrete material and proof of concept. The prototype also targets potential consumers in order to spread the word, gauge interest, and rate usability of the interface.

I have gained incredible insight on the use of design technology through the making of this project. I can proudly say I have acquired a practical proficiency in the usage of photoshop and mobile-app prototyping applications. This project highlights my interest in design and my hopes of pursuing a career in that field.

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