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UX/UI design

Mobile design

TimesUp is a mobile app designed to get kids off the screen. Among my first works in UX & UI and my first idea pitched at an entrepreneur challenge.



Present to future investors a live experience of how interacting with my app looks like. 

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My first app idea came from my family. Raised by a single mother whom also took care of my younger siblings (toddler aged), I saw all too often the effects and the grasp electronics had on them. Electronics were the easiest remedy to distracting the kids while my mother had to focus on work. The catch was getting them off the electronic devices (tablets, phones, TV, etc...) without causing tantrums. 

My mother would have her friends over and overhearing their conversations, I found this was a recurrent issue in other families. I thought of different ways to limit my siblings' use of these devices. The best way to do so was through naturalistic observation. I began to notice trends:

1. Kids naturally move on to do other things when prompted by the device (e.g battery dies, screen freezes)

2. When Mom (or any human) says it's time to stop, a crisis ensues.

3. Kids do not skip ads (e.g: on youtube for kids) and appear to be very interested in their content

This prompted my idea for TimesUp!


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Initial Wireframes

Users Journey & Sketches
Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 5.23.36 PM.png

My app prototype was entirely created with before the advent of Adobe XD / Figma. The tool has the same functionality as those softwares, I chose it for its intuitive UI. I drafted these wireframes before having taken any design class —they do not represent all the elements that my wireframes would contain today.


Interactive Prototype

03 - 

Fina Demo

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