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BETC Fullsix is Havas Group's digital transformation agency. I worked as an experience designer in the Atelier team, the group's R&D department. We design AR/VR, AI, and data based innovative solutions for Havas clients. Most projects are under NDA. The one below exemplifies the kind of UX design work I did in my team:

Fragrance companies have to compete to attract and retain leading fragrance chemists. Due to poorly designed work tools, their creativity stagnates which affects retention rates. The resulting churn rate constitutes a major financial cost for these companies.


A major fragrance company came to us looking for a way to boost creativity amongst their chemists and increase employee retention.


User Research

01 - 

Naturalistic Observation

Fragrance chemists make perfumes by changing essence quantities in an excel spreadsheet and then "print" a smell until they achieve the combination they want. The process is very long, and they lose the most time going back and forth between the column values of their perfume iterations. They often confuse columns and spend more time searching for a specific cell or row than actually inputting values.

User Interviews & Pain Points

  • Get bored staring at their internal excel spreadsheets.

  • Feels more like an accounting job than making a perfume.

  • Feel unaccomplished.

  • Waste a lot of time checking to see if they have not created this combination before.

The user research shed light on two main issues:

Fragrance chemists want to feel like they are creating something: they want to feel like their work is as creative as the perfume marketing campaigns.

Finding things is tedious: the chemists get lost in the vastness of their excel spreadsheets, and they waste time searching for things rather than actually creating the perfume. 

User Research

02 - 

Initial Sketches & Concept


An application on a tactile tablet where fragrance chemists can manually interact with their perfume's data. The goal is to make them feel like creators where they can interact with perfume essences and drag & drop them essences into the "cauldron" in the middle. This cauldron represents the perfume iteration they are working on and is populated with particles proportional to the amount of essence that is inside. 

Initial Sketches


Iterations - Perfume View


The Perfume view is where the fragrance chemists can see the visual profile of the perfume they are working on. The ingredient quantities are color-coded and proportional to the amount of particles floating in the center of the cauldron (the circle). On the sides of the circle are clickable panels that take the chemists to the Ingredient view. These iterations show the evolution of the concept and the thought process behind the final screen design at the end where a chemist can compare iterations (different ingredient quantities) of the same perfume.

Iterations - Add Ingredient View

The Add Ingredient view is where the fragrance chemist can select the specific odors from an ingredient family. This is the main interaction screen the chemist is working with and takes the place of his original excel spreadsheet. The subsequent iterations show how I tried to balance a usable and visually appealing interface. From a data visualization standpoint, the best way for chemists to compare ingredient quantities is by listing them vertically. The size of the bars was augmented to make dragging actions easier.

Initial Sketches

Final Design

03 - 


Other Work at Havas

04 - 

  • Conducted user research for data visualisation projects, including questionnaire drafting, persona creation.

  • Researched a strategic design & foresight methodology. Work involved interviewing industry experts part of companies like Air France, SNCF, and members of the ANRT (the French national research institute).

  • Built the visual experience for a digital catalogue of the researched methodology with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. This catalogue will be sold as part of a training program in the Havas University offerings.

My work is under a NDA, but if you would like to learn more about the experiences I worked on at Havas, feel free to shoot me an email or a LinkedIn message!

Other Work

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