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Welcome to my site! I’m Daniel, a product manager with a background in UX design, marketing, & sales.

Currently working at Cloudflare customizing and selling cybersecurity and performance solutions to a broad portfolio of customers.


The most interesting part of my current role is designing customized revenue generating solutions for prospects by collaborating with engineering and product teams. Other than that, motivating other people that a product is great (when it actually is), really gets me going!

My goal has been to master the different aspects of a functional business to become a skilled product manager. My background lies at the intersection of product design (user research, product iteration, and A/B testing), marketing and publicity (to create an attractive vision of the product), and sales (to effectively bring-to-market the product & generate revenue).


My portfolio mostly showcases the design and solutions of problems I have solved with business owners. Most projects rest on a foundation of teamwork & collaboration, and personal inspiration from having traveled and encountered diverse perspectives. As a product manager, I've been responsible for the design, go-to-market-strategy, and functionality of different applications and websites —all projects have been sourced through my own professional network and connections.

Outside of work, I'm an avid traveler who's always looking for the next destination and culture to discover. I enjoy painting (guess which two colors are my favorite), surfing, and a good cappuccino with exquisite latte art.


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